Abstract Submission

Each submission to WCS2019 starts with the submission of an abstract.

All abstracts must be submitted electronically using the Submit My Abstract link.

Submissions to WCS2019 may fall into one of the following two (02) categories:

  • Scientific paper – This category covers papers which report on any type of research undertaken by the author(s).
  • Technical paper – This category covers practice-based papers that may describe and evaluate technical products, processes or services

Author(s) must choose the appropriate category when submitting their abstract using the Submit My Abstract link

Each author may submit up to three abstracts.

The names and affiliations of each contributing author must be included in the relevant boxes in the exact format and order they should appear for publication. The affiliation listed should be where they were based at the time that the research for the paper was conducted

The corresponding author must be clearly identified and his/her contact details clearly entered.

Content of the Abstract

Abstract should be limited to maximum 250 words.

It should consist of a brief, but comprehensive summary of the purpose, methodology, findings and conclusions of the manuscript.

Please provide 3 to 5 keywords, which encapsulate the principal topics of the paper.